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From: Greg Frost
Date: 22 Jan 2018

Dear Future Success,

Did you know that a good majority of people around the world are unaware of the simple truth behind huge success?

Sure, it takes a lot of hard work to achieve the kind of success the top professionals of leading industries have managed to attain.

But they all had to start from somewhere.

And this ‘somewhere’ is where you probably are today: Ground zero.

So how exactly did they manage to elevate themselves up from mediocrity to dizzying heights of success?

What do they have that you don’t?

The answer, my friend, is simple.


There is nothing standing between you and the kind of success these professionals are enjoying, and there is nothing that they have that you don’t.

The fact is...

" We All Have The Same Ability That These
Success Stories Have. . ."

But for most of us, we aren’t aware of OUR POTENTIAL and how to fully utilize it.

Heck, most of us don’t even know what this ability is.

Allow me to enlighten you.

I’d like for you to think back to the first time you had to make friends as a child.

How did you go about doing it? How do you go about making friends today?

If you’re like any other person out there you probably started out with small talk.

Think about it in a macro sense; see the bigger picture.

Every relationship you have right now is built on communication. Be it a formal introduction or casual chit-chat, communication is the key factor in building and maintaining relationships.

Even in our professional lives, we bank on effective communication skills to get our point across.

What would be the first thing we do when we’re out networking? How do you go about approaching your boss for a raise? How do you go about persuading someone to do you a favor?

Chances are, you probably already have a considerable amount of experience in communicating your ideas, your thoughts, your opinions across.

But ask yourself these questions:

  • How much of your success can be attributed to your experience in communication (which is in all probability limited at best)?

  • When was the last time you managed to talk your boss into giving you a raise or a promotion?

  • When was the last time you managed to snare a date with someone you fancied through conversation alone?

The point that I’m trying to make is this.

Everyone can talk, sure, but not everyone has the gift of the gab enough to leave a lasting impression from the get-go.

Most people tend to be forgettable, and chances are these people aren’t the charismatic, memorable big wigs we’ve all heard about on the news and interviews and the like.

" Most People Lack The Ability To Stir The Emotions Of Those They Speak To, Because They Don’t Know The Secret Behind Effective Communication "

I’ll admit something to you right now.

I didn’t start out an instant success.

I was just like you once, slogging away behind a desk in a job I didn’t particularly like, earning an income just enough to make ends meet.

My communication skills weren’t exactly top of the class; the best success at persuasion I could remember at the time was convincing my mother to let me watch the television for an hour longer than my stipulated bedtime.

And that was back when I was 10!

So years passed with me plodding along in life, never really doing anything productive with myself, until I came across a self-improvement book that addressed quite a number of things; from confidence to time management, to even effective communication.

It was an eye-opener for me, because it had never really occurred to me that effective communication was such a determining factor in getting what you want from others.

So I read up voraciously on the topic, even attended a number of seminars; I must have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on them over the next several years.

Now, after spending thousands on research material and years of intensive studies on effective communication, let me share with you what I’ve learned.

" The Key To Effective Communication, First
And Foremost, Is Confidence "

First impressions count, and if you can’t even sell yourself as a confident, eloquent individual, then how are you going to sell your ideas to others?

People tend to listen to those with confidence and conviction; no one wants to stay and chat to a wishy-washy, stuttering individual who’s desperately trying to convey a simple idea.

The way you present yourself through even the briefest, off-hand chats can leave a lasting impression.

If you exhibit a flair for speaking, people will be more receptive towards what you have to say, because they will regard you as someone highly intelligent, attractive, and self-assured.

Having the ability to communicate effectively will undoubtedly open doors for you, doors to opportunities which you can seize advantage of.


" Figured Out The Trick To Starting And Maintaining Conversations For As Long
As I Need It To Be. . . "

I just want to say that your book was a great read. Quite often I’ve seen books that are technical, yet lacked substance. Small Talk Big Success was nothing but detailed techniques, but at the same time it was easy to read and understand, without technical jargon that can put anyone to sleep.

I especially enjoyed Chapter seven, where you spoke on the issue of breaking the ice, because I’ve always had a bit of a problem trying to start conversations and making people comfortable enough to talk to me for a decent amount of time. But having read the Small Talk Big Success book I think I’ve managed to figure out the trick to starting and maintaining conversations for as long as I need it to be.

Thank you for the great read, Greg.

Jameson Bryce
Boston, NY

" I Could Persuade People Into Seeing My Point Of View, Just By Chatting! "

I had never realized how important ‘small talk’ really is. I’m not exactly known for being the best speaker in my class in my day. I’d always taken conversations for granted, and I had never really made an effort to be aware of how I spoke to the people around me. In fact, I used to hate situations where I would have to make small talk with anyone.

That is, until I stumbled upon your book. I have a better appreciation for small talk, now that I know it’s one way of coaxing out opportunities from people. Those techniques really showed me what it took to be a convincing speaker, and how I could persuade people into seeing my point of view, just by chatting!

This is definitely a must-have for people who are looking to make a great first impression on the first conversation.

Tina McQuarrie
Tampa, FL

" My Boss Is Impressed By The Remarkable Improvement I've Made. . ."

I work in an advertising firm and I was put in charge of my own creative team about six months ago. Not for my extraordinary managerial skills, mind you, but out of desperation; the boss needed someone to fill in the gap after the last project manager left and I ended up being picked for the job. I had always been a follower rather than a leader, so you can imagine the nerves I felt when told to lead my own team.

I had a hard time trying to express my ideas to my team, and there was one incident when we had a frank discussion on what the problem was. They told me, quite honestly, that I tended to sound like I was trying to tell them bits and pieces of several ideas and that I “flip-flopped” between ideas. Half the time they didn’t understand what it was that I wanted out of them.

After reading chapters 12 and 14 of your book though, I managed to figure out where I had been going wrong, and now I’m finally able to communicate my thoughts to my team in a more concise, eloquent manner, and with conviction. My boss is impressed by the remarkable improvement I’ve made since the promotion, and I think things are looking up for me.

Carl Reddings
Los Angeles, CA


" You Can Achieve Monumental Success In Life
Simply Through Effective Communication Skills "

By now you’re probably thinking, “Yeah Greg, we know all that, big deal. Why should I continue reading past this point?”

I’ll tell you why.

For the first time ever, I’m going to share with you the secrets to success that top professionals have kept from you all this time.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that I’ll make a few enemies from even speaking about this.

These communication techniques have been used by the top names of leading industries around the world today, from media moguls to Hollywood superstars and even top politicians.

I can guarantee you that by the time you’re done with this course you’ll have such a silver tongue that you’ll be emailing to complain to me that others have accused you of conning them into doing your bidding.

I can give you this guarantee because these techniques have been tried and tested in real life, and every single one of them has worked tremendously well.

In this effective communication booster course, you will learn:

  • How to make a great first impression by using small talk

  • How to speak with ease and conviction using effective communication techniques

  • How to communicate your thoughts and ideas effortlessly to a large audience

  • How to persuade, inspire, and motivate others around you to hand over practically anything you want from them.


In short, this course will give you:

The means to open the doors to any opportunity that you desire, simply through the art of effective communication.

Keep in mind that this is the very secret that top professionals have kept from you all this while, so ask yourself one question:

Can you really afford to pass up this chance?

Introducing the...

“Small Talk Big Success” Course

How To Effectively Talk To Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere!

This course is the result of years of research and refinement, and it is designed to boost your level of effective communication through proven confidence and conversational techniques.

The Small Talk Big Success package consists of:

#1 : Small Talk Big Success Manual

The Small Talk Big Success manual covers, in great detail, proven, never before released techniques on effective communication that top managerial professionals have used and are using today. These very techniques are the secret to their amazing success in their professions, and you could very well enjoy the same level of success (or even higher!) that they have achieved.

Inside, you will find:

  • The #1 secret to effective communication that only the top managerial experts in the world have access to

  • 12 vital things you should be doing to ENRAPTURE someone into giving you their full attention during conversations

  • How to become an expert at reading the body language of the person you’re talking to

  • 14 no-brainer No-No’s you should avoid if you want to leave a memorable first impression during conversations

  • 9 key topics of conversation to break the ice with so you won’t end up embarrassed by blanking out in a social setting

  • How to take advantage of an ice-breaker moment

  • Crucial reasons why you SHOULD talk to strangers

  • 3 industry secrets on how to sound great on the phone

  • How listening can boost your success in communication as well as speaking effectively

  • The secret of how to use your tone of voice to manipulate the results of a conversation to your advantage

  • The magic formula for attaining massive confidence in any conversational situation and eliminating any doubt in your ability to speak effectively

And much, much more...

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#2 : Small Talk Big Success CDs

The Small Talk Big Success audio CDs are a great complement to your main Small Talk Big Success manual.

Listen to them on the go even if you can’t read the manual for any reason, and you will still be able to master the art of effective communication at the end of the day.

For ease of use, we'll make them available to you through downloads as MP3s so that you can listen to them anywhere.


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The first step to success is believing that you can achieve it.

With confidence, you’re able to capitalize on your existing abilities, and if you can expand on your gift of the gab and master the art of persuasion, there is nothing that can stop you from being successful.

Speak like a professional, motivate yourself and the people around you with your flair for words.

Command respect simply through conversation.

Attract people and success to you.

Learn these pseudo-illegal secrets, wield the power of effective communication, and apply the techniques taught within this course for a dramatic, positive change in your life.

Imagine having the ability to reach phenomenal heights in your career, relationships, and life in general.

Imagine having the ability to convince others to hand you the proverbial keys to the city.

Any city. Any time.

Wouldn’t you want that?

Wouldn’t you want the world to be handed to you on a silver platter, simply by asking for it?

Follow this course word for word, and you will master the art of persuasion and massively improve your life, simply through small talk.

So, at this point you’re probably thinking:

“ Ok Greg, What’s The Cost Of This Amazing Course? ”

A professional public speaking course can easily set you back hundreds of dollars. The best public speaking coaches might even charge you thousands for a 3-day course.

I could have broken this down to a similar 3-day course and charge you a whole lot more than what I’m offering you right now.

I could just as easily earn thousands of dollars by releasing this course as a seminar.

But because I’ve been in your shoes once before, I’m in the business of helping people like you to become more than you can be.

I sincerely want to help you dramatically improve your life without having you to burn a hole in your pocket.

I’m offering you BETTER material, with techniques that cover practically any given situation you can think of.

And the best thing about Small Talk Big Success is that you can follow the program when you want, how you want, with a manual that you can read AND audio MP3s you can listen to even if you’re on the go.

For the next 100 26 clients, I’m practically giving away the secrets to success for a measly:

$397 $297 $197 $97


Most of my peers would think I’m crazy for making such a ridiculous offer. But I really am sincere in wanting to help you achieve massive success, because I’ve been in your shoes once before.

I am THAT determined in my desire to help you that I am offering you a 60-day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

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"Small Talk Big Success" Course Now

If for any reason you find that Small Talk Big Success is not suitable for you, or if you don’t find yourself transforming into a more effective communicator within 60-days, I want you to contact me for a full refund.

I don’t want your money if my system can’t help you achieve the success that you desire.

Remember that I’m bearing all the risk for your investment.

" Thank You For Giving My Career The Boost
It Desperately Needed . . ."

I’m just writing to thank you for giving my career the boost it desperately needed. I was never good with presentations and networking, because I think I lacked the necessary skills to keep a conversation going. I still remember the last disastrous networking session I attended; I can still hear the sudden hush of the room when I made a bit of a conversation faux pas.

Thankfully it wasn’t that much of a career-threatening incident. But boy was I humiliated. I was desperate to improve on my communication skills and I would have paid thousands to attend some workshop if it meant I could stop being a klutz in conversations. That’s why I’m so glad to have found the Small Talk Big Success book. Not only did you show me the ways on how to communicate effectively, you’ve made me even more confident in speaking with practically anyone, even to a large audience.

Now I’m always looking forward to opportunities where I can speak publicly and show off my newfound conversational confidence.

Thanks a bunch, Greg!

Alex Patterson
St. Louis, MO

" This Is Awesome!"

This is awesome! No offence, but initially I was skeptical about your book, because I’ve read so many other books out there that didn’t do anything for me. I’m glad I gave your book a try though, and I just couldn’t believe how well it worked. You see, I was never in control of conversations, and I was never good at maintaining conversations. If I joined a conversation most often, it would end on a very awkward note.

Some people have said that it was my humor (which at times have been known to be a little inappropriate), but it seemed like a unanimous vote that the one thing that did me in with conversations was how I tended to do the Don’ts of conversations (most of which you’ve covered in chapter 4 I believe).

Now I’m more mindful of how I speak, thanks to your pointers, and most of my friends have remarked I speak better these days, so thanks Greg.

Cade Reyes
Quebec, CA

" He's Even Managed To Talk His Boss Into Giving Him A Raise. . . "

My husband has had a long history with trying to get his points across. In fact, I used to be so frustrated with him whenever he tried to take charge of things by talking his way through. I remember one incident with contractors for the house and him basically trying to give instructions to the guys... actually now that I think of it I would rather not go into all the embarrassing details. Let’s just say we had a major failure to communicate, thanks to my husband.

I found your site by accident one day and suggested that he try reading your book. He was reluctant of course, but after two weeks of reading it I noticed a remarkable difference. He was no longer taking long pauses trying to get his sentences together, nor was he not maintaining eye contact whenever he talked to someone. He noticed how he was more confident when speaking with people, and even he was pleasantly surprised that the techniques from your book actually worked.

In fact, he’s even managed to talk his boss into giving him a raise.

So thanks a lot Greg, your book really helped my husband in more ways than we expected.

Lindy C
Boise, ID


“ So What Do I Do Now, Greg?”

You need to take charge of your life.

You need to take action.

You have in you the ability to change your destiny and achieve massive success. All you need to do is to unlock this ability and transform mere words into empowering visions to be shared with others around you and become, in their eyes, a visionary of sorts.

To change your life and achieve massive success, this is the one single most important step that you need to take.

There are those who talk about success stories, then there are those who ARE success stories, and enjoying every bit of it.

Which one would you rather be?

Will you take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity at massive success?

The choice is simple... isn’t it?

Only for the next 100 26 clients...

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To Your Success,

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